Competition Prep

  • Weekly Check-Ins/Modifications with your Coach
  • Customized Training Program
  • Customized Weekly Nutrition Programming
  • Suggested Supplementation Guide
  • Peak Week Protocol
  • Weekly Posing Instructions


1 TIME TAKEAWAY NUTRITION PLAN or 8 Week Training Program
  • Receive a 1x customized takeaway nutrition plan along with a 14-Day Metabolic Adapttation Nutrition Porgram.
  • Also included is a Suggested Supplementation Guide


  • Receive an 8 Week? customized Multiphase Excersie Training Program


  • 30-Day Jump Start Program
  • 8 Week Transformation Guide
  • 12 Week Transformation Guide
  • The Legendary Guide to Nutrition
  • The Multi-Phase Athletic Transformation Manual



Always have dreams to become an athlete?! Or maybe looking to challenge yourself and kick things up a notch!? The MULTIPHASE ATHLETIC TRANSFORMATION MANUAL will give you everything you need and more to be the athlete you’ve always wanted to be! This self-coaching manual is packed with 8-12 months worth of training programming to get you 1 step closer to becoming a Pro-Level Athlete!

  • New Highly Effective Exercises for Muscle Recruitment
  • Exercise Elements of Success
  • Proper Neuromuscular Facilitation
  • Biomechanics of Exercise
  • Proper Supplementation and so much more!!!


What do I eat? When do I eat it? How much of it should I be eating!? Ever ask yourself these questions??? Look no further! We at Legend Nation have compiled a +20 page document for you to help you find what you should be eating and when!

  • How to read Nutrition Facts/Food Labels
  • How your Metabolism works
  • How to measure food quantity
  • Ketosis 101 and an in-depth look at different diets
  • Intermittent fasting and the benefits
  • How to control hormones to lose fat and build muscle
  • When it is okay to eat a cheat meal
  • How to differentiate between what Proteins, Fat & Carbs you should be eating…
  • Benefits of drinking water.
  • How to Reverse Diet after a competition prep
  • How to maximize muscle gain after a competition prep.

8 Week Transformation Challenge

Want to achieve your best body yet? Have a deadline for a vacation, wedding, photoshoot or just need a goal date to work towards!?Dont worry, Legend Nation has got your back!With the 12 Week Legendary Transformation Guide, you will have all the tools you need to get in your best shape yet!And the best news is you will start seeing progress right away!

The 12 Week Legendary Transformation Guide comes with:

  • Macro Mastersheet
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Exclusive Legend Volume Training Program
  • Endurance Training Program
  • Suggested Supplementation Protocol
  • Weekly Progress tracking sheet and so much more!!!

Posing for Women

Posing for Women

$80/hr session of Women

Posing for Men

Posing for Men

$100/hr session of Men


Wanna get fit!? In a bit of a crunch for time! Not sure what exercises to do and what foods to eat to reach your goals? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The 30 Day Jump Start program gives you all the tools you need to coach yourself into getting the ball rolling!

Everything you need! From Beginner to Advance Nutrition & Training guidance from some of the Worlds top-trained Coaches!?Learn how to eat, and how to train to make your body work more efficiently to burn fat and build muscle!

The 30 day Jump Start program also includes:

  • Different food pairings
  • How to sustain fat loss
  • And an indepth Training Program with exercises for everyday to keep things fresh!