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First off I think you should congratulate yourself on embarking on a fitness journey. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring and results based fitness system you?ve come to the right place.I believe in a tailored-made fitness approach that creates a easy-to-follow, effective step-by-step system That will help you lose and keep off body fat, tone muscle, build confidence and happiness.

?I worked as a chef for 13 years but I found that training young chefs was more fulfilling than actually being one. I realized it wasn?t the cooking industry I loved it was teaching and helping others, so I decided to make the change to the health and fitness industry and become a Fitness Coach.

I believe in long-term solutions we live in a world of a lot of short-term gratification and to truly achieve your goals I believe in embracing a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the years I have helped people connect their fitness success with their personal success and vice-versa, while creating a challenging and progressive training system with amazing end results.

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